This was a long winter in Utah. It feels good to be rolling around again!

Most recent updates to Dan's Skate Page
I link new parks I've visited at the top here in red, then later they are linked below, grouped by State.
(last updated- ):
Added 4/3/23 Ensenada (Playa Hermosa) Mexico Skatepark
Added 10/27/22 Lakewood, Washington Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 West Jordan (Maple Hills), Utah Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Omaha (Millwork Commons), Nebraska Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 West Des Moines, Iowa Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Urbandale, Iowa Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Ames, Iowa Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Waterloo, Iowa Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Cherokee, Iowa Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Harlan, Iowa Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Rochester, Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Rosemount, Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Plymouth, Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Minneapolis (JXT Plaza), Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Minneapolis (Elliot Park), Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 St. Paul (Gateway Park), Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Two Harbors, Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Duluth (Midtown Park), Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Duluth (Keene Creek Park), Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 St. Cloud, Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Hutchinson, Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 New Ulm, Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 Worthington, Minnesota Skatepark
Added 10/2/22 New Richmond, Wisconsin Skatepark
Updated 9/24/22 Hyrum, Utah Skatepark

Skateparks I've been to: Alabama:
Alabaster Skatepark, Alabama   Tuscaloosa Skatepark, Alabama  

Arizona:     Phoenix Area Skatepark map
Bagdad Skatepark, Arizona   Goodyear Skatepark, Arizona   Prescott Valley Skatepark, Arizona
Bullhead City Skatepark, Arizona   Lake Havasu Skatepark, Arizona Scottsdale Skatepark, Arizona  
Chandler Skatepark, Arizona   Mesa Skatepark, Arizona Scottsdale (The Wedge) Skatepark, Arizona
Chandler (The Bridge) Skatepark, Arizona   Mesa (Kids That Rip!) Skatepark, Arizona    Sedona Skatepark, Arizona
El Mirage Skatepark, Arizona   Mesa (Sk8 Asylum) Skatepark, Arizona (RIP)   Tempe Skatepark, Arizona  
Flagstaff (Bushmaster Park) Skatepark, Arizona Paradise Valley Skatepark, Arizona    Tempe (Victory Acres) Skatepark, Arizona  
Flagstaff (Fox Glenn Park) Skatepark, Arizona   Pecos Skatepark, Arizona   Tucson (Rita Ranch) Skatepark, Arizona
Gilbert Skatepark, Arizona   Peoria Skatepark, Arizona      Tucson (Santa Rita) Skatepark, Arizona
Glendale (Union Hills) Skatepark, Arizona   Phoenix (Cesar Chavez) Skatepark, Arizona Tucson (YMCA) Skatepark, Arizona
Glendale (X-Court) Skatepark, Arizona Prescott Skatepark, Arizona Wickenburg Skatepark, Arizona

Bentonville Skatepark, Arkansas   Fayetteville Skatepark, Arkansas  
Eureka Springs Skatepark, Arkansas   North Little Rock Skatepark, Arkansas  

California:     San Diego Area Skatepark map
Anaheim (Manzanita) Skatepark, California   Lake Elsinore (Serenity Park) Pump Track, California   Saint Helena Skatepark, California  
Apple Valley Skatepark, California   Lake Elsinore (Serenity Park) Skatepark, California   San Bernardino (Highland) Skatepark, California  
Arcadia (Bonita) Skatepark, California   Lake Elsinore (Summerly Park) Skatepark, California   San Clemente Skatepark, California  
Auburn Skatepark, California   La Mesa Skatepark, California   San Diego (Carmel Valley) Skatepark, California  
Baldy, California   Lancaster Skatepark, California   San Diego (Clairemont) Skatepark, California  
Barstow Skatepark, California   La Puente (Avenue) Skatepark, California   San Diego (Damato Park) Skatepark, California  
Bellflower (Caruthers) Skatepark, California   Lompoc (College) Skatepark, California   San Diego (Linda Vista) Skatepark, California  
Belvedere Skatepark, California   Long Beach (Cherry) Skatepark, California    San Diego (Memorial Park) Skatepark, California  
Benicia Skatepark, California   Long Beach (El Dorado) Skatepark, California   San Diego (Robb Field) Skatepark, California  
Camarillo (Pleasant Valley) Skatepark, California   Long Beach (Houghton) Skatepark, California   San Diego (Washington Street) Skatepark, California  
Carlsbad Skatepark, California   Long Beach (Orizaba) Skatepark, California   San Diego (Pacific Highlands Ranch) Pump Track, California  
Carlsbad (Alga Norte) Skatepark, California   Long Beach (Robert Gumbimer) Skatepark, California   San Diego (Pacific Highlands Ranch) Skatepark, California  
Cayucos Skatepark, California   Los Angeles (Garvanza) Skatepark, California   San Francisco (Potrero Del Sol) Skatepark, California  
Cerritos Skatepark, California   Los Angeles (Hansen Dam) Skatepark, California   San Jose (Arroyo) Skatepark, California  
Chino (Ayala) Skatepark, California   Los Angeles (Harbor City) Skatepark, California   San Jose (Lake Cunningham) Skatepark, California  
Chino Hills Skatepark, California   Los Osos Skatepark, California   San Jose (Plaza De Cesar) Skatepark, California  
Chula Vista (Len Moore) Skatepark, California Lynwood Skatepark, California    San Jose (Roosevelt) Skatepark, California
Citrus Heights (Rusch) Skatepark, California   Mammoth Lakes (Volcom Brothers) Skatepark, California    San Jose (Stonegate) Skatepark, California  
Corona (City Park) Skatepark, California   Manteca Skatepark, California   San Luis Obispo Skatepark, California  
Corona (Deleo) Skatepark, California Menlo Park (Burgess) Skatepark, California   San Rafael (McInnis) Skatepark, California
Corona (Harada Heritage Park) Skatepark, California Mission Viejo Skatepark, California   San Pedro (Channel Street) Skatepark, California
Corona (Huber Park) Skatepark, California   Monrovia Skatepark, California   Santa Ana (Centennial) Skatepark, California  
Corona (Santana Park) Skatepark, California   Montclair Skatepark, California   Santa Barbara (Skater's Point) Skatepark, California  
Coronado Skatepark, California   Moorpark (Poindexter) Skatepark, California   Santa Clarita Skatepark, California  
Costa Mesa (Volcom) Skatepark, California   Morgan Hill Skatepark, California   Santa Cruz (Mike Fox) Skatepark, California
Culver City Skatepark, California Morro Bay Skatepark, California   Santa Cruz (Derby) Skatepark, California  
Desert Hot Springs (Frank Hodge) Skatepark, California Murrieta (California Oaks) Skatepark, California   Santa Maria (Fletcher Park) Skatepark, California  
Duarte Skatepark, California   Needles Skatepark, California Santa Maria (YMCA) Skatepark, California  
El Cajon (Kennedy) Skatepark, California    Newbury Park (Borchard) Skatepark, California   Santa Monica (The Cove) Skatepark, California  
Encinitas (Cardiff or Community) Skatepark, California   Novato Skatepark, California Santa Paula Skatepark, California  
Encinitas (YMCA) Skatepark, California   Oceanside (Alex Road) Skatepark, California Santee Skatepark, California  
Etnies (Lake Forest) Skatepark, California Oceanside (Bishop Park) Skatepark, California   Scotts Valley Skatepark, California  
Fillmore Skatepark, California Oceanside (MLK Jr. Park) Skatepark, California   Simi Valley (Skatelab) Skatepark, California (RIP)  
Folsom (Cummings) Skatepark, California   Ojai Skatepark, California   Solvang Skatepark, California
Fontana (North) Skatepark, California   Orange (Van's Combi bowl) Skatepark, California   South Lake Tahoe Skatepark, California  
Fontana (Jack Bulik) Skatepark, California   Oxnard (Bedford Pinkard) Skatepark, California   Stanton Skatepark, California  
Fremont Skatepark, California   Pacifica Skatepark, California   Stockton Skatepark, California  
Fresno (Lions) Skatepark, California   Pala Skatepark, California   Sunnyvale (Fair Oaks) Skatepark, California  
Fullerton Skatepark, California   Palm Desert (Civic Center) Skatepark, California   Temecula Skatepark, California  
Garden Grove Skatepark, California   Palm Springs Skatepark, California   Templeton Skatepark, California  
Gilroy (Las Animas) Skatepark, California   Palo Alto (Greer) Skatepark, California   Tracy (El Pescadero) Skatepark, California  
Glendale (Verdugo) Skatepark, California   Paramount (Village) Skatepark, California   Truckee Skatepark, California  
Grass Valley (Condon) Skatepark, California   Paso Robles (Pioneer) Skatepark, California   Tustin (Legacy) Skatepark, California  
Grover Beach (South County) Skatepark, California   Pedlow Skatepark, California   Upland (Memorial) Skatepark, California  
Huntington Beach (Murdy) Skatepark, California   Petaluma Skatepark, California   Venice Beach Skatepark, California  
Huntington Beach (Vans) Skatepark, California   Poway Skatepark, California   Ventura (Hobert) Skatepark, California  
Imperial Beach Skatepark, California   Quartz Hill (George Lane) Skatepark, California   Ventura (Pacific) Skatepark, California  
Ione Skatepark, California   Rancho Cucamonga (Spruce Ave) Skatepark, California   Ventura (West) Skatepark, California  
Irvine (Harvard) Skatepark, California   Rancho Santa Margarita Skatepark, California   Victorville (Doris Davies) Skatepark, California  
Irwindale Skatepark, California   Redwood City (Phil Shao Memorial) Skatepark, California   Weed Skatepark, California  
Ladera Ranch Skatepark, California   Rialto (Margart Todd) Skatepark, California   Westlake Village Skatepark, California  
Laguna Hills Skatepark, California   Ripon (Curt Pernice) Skatepark, California   Westminster (Liberty) Skatepark, California  
Laguna Niguel Skatepark, California   Rocklin Skatepark, California   Woodward West Skatepark, California  
Lake Elsinore (McVicker Park) Skatepark, California   Sacramento (Granite) Skatepark, California   Yucca Valley Skatepark, California  

Colorado:     Denver Area Skatepark map                   Colorado Springs area Skatepark map
Alamosa Skatepark, CO   Erie (Coal Creek Park) Skatepark, CO    Longmont (Sandstone Ranch Park) Skatepark, CO   
Alma Skatepark, CO   Erie (Community Park) Skatepark, CO    Longmont (Stephen Day Park) Skatepark, CO   
Arvada (Apex Center) Skatepark, CO   Estes Park Skatepark, CO   Louisville Skatepark, CO   
Arvada (Memorial Park) Skatepark, CO   Evans Skatepark, CO   Loveland Skatepark, CO  
Arvada (Skyline) Skatepark, CO   Fairplay Skatepark, CO   Lyons Skatepark, CO  
Arvada (Wolff Park) Skatepark, CO   Federal Heights Skatepark, CO   Manitou Springs Skatepark, CO  
Aspen Skatepark, CO   Fort Collins (Edora) Skatepark, CO   Mead Skatepark, CO
Ault Skatepark, CO   Fort Collins (Fossil Creek) Skatepark, CO   Milliken Skatepark, CO
Aurora (Wheel Park) Skatepark, CO Fort Collins (North) Skatepark, CO   Monte Vista Skatepark, CO  
Bennett Skatepark, CO   Fort Collins (Spring Canyon) Skatepark, CO   Montrose Skatepark, CO
Berthoud (Main Street Park) Skatepark, CO   Fort Collins (Water's Way) Skatepark, CO   Monument Skatepark, CO
Berthoud (Waggener Farm Park) Skatepark, CO   Fort Lupton Skatepark, CO   Nederland Skatepark, CO  
Boulder (Green Block) Skatepark, CO   Fort Morgan Skatepark, CO   New Castle Skatepark, CO  
Boulder (Howard Heuston Park) Skatepark, CO   Frederick Skatepark, CO   Northglenn Skatepark, CO  
Boulder (Scott Carpenter) Skatepark, CO   Frisco Skatepark, CO   Ouray Skatepark, CO  
Boulder (Valmont Park) Pump Track, CO   Fruita Skatepark, CO   Palisade Skatepark, CO  
Boulder (Valmont Park) Skatepark, CO   Glenwood Springs Skatepark, CO   Parker Skatepark, CO  
Breckenridge Skatepark, CO   Golden (Golden Heights Park) Skatepark, CO   Pegosa Springs Skatepark, CO  
Brighton Skatepark, CO   Golden (Ulyesses Park) Skatepark, CO   Pueblo (Civic Center Park) Skatepark, CO  
Broomfield Skatepark, CO   Granby Skatepark, CO   Pueblo (El Centro Del Quinto Sol) Skatepark, CO  
Brush Skatepark, CO   Grand Junction (Eagle Rim Park) Skatepark, CO    Pueblo (Sergeant Blake A. Harris) Skatepark, CO  
Carbondale Skatepark, CO   Grand Junction (Longs Memorial Park) Skatepark, CO   Ridgway Skatepark, CO  
Canon City Skatepark, CO   Grand Junction (Westlake Park) Skatepark, CO   Rifle Skatepark, CO  
Castle Rock Skatepark, CO   Greeley (Centennial Park) Skatepark, CO   Roxborough Skatepark, CO  
Cedaredge, Skatepark, CO   Greeley (Peakview Park) Skatepark, CO   Salida Skatepark, CO  
Centennial Skatepark, CO   Greenwood Village Skatepark, CO   Sheridan Skatepark, CO  
Commerce City Skatepark, CO   Gunnison Skatepark, CO   Silverthorne Skatepark, CO  
Colorado Springs (Goose Gossage) Skatepark, CO   Gypsum Skatepark, CO   Snowmass Village Skatepark, CO  
Colorado Springs (John L Stone) Skatepark, CO   Hayden Skatepark, CO   Steamboat Springs Skatepark, CO  
Colorado Springs (Memorial Park) Skatepark, CO   Highlands Ranch (Redstone) Skatepark, CO   Sterling Skatepark, CO  
Colorado Springs (Widefield) Skatepark, CO   Idaho Springs Skatepark, CO   Superior Skatepark, CO  
Cortez Skatepark, CO   Kremmling Skatepark, CO   Telluride Skatepark, CO  
Craig Skatepark, CO   Lafayette Skatepark, CO   Thornton (Carpenter Park) Skatepark, CO  
Debeque Skatepark, CO   La Junta Skatepark, CO   Thornton (Thomas J. Slocum Memorial) Skatepark, CO  
Denver (Elyria Park) Skatepark, CO   Lakewood (Edgewater) Skatepark, CO   Thornton (Trail Winds Park) Skatepark, CO  
Denver (Downtown Park) Skatepark, CO   Lakewood (Snake Run) Skatepark, CO   Trinidad Skatepark, CO  
Denver (Green Valley Ranch) Skatepark, CO   Lakewood (Skate Street) Skatepark, CO   Vail Skatepark, CO  
Denver (Greenway Park) Skatepark, CO   Littleton (Clement) Skatepark, CO   Westminster (City Park) Skatepark, CO  
Denver (Montbello) Skatepark, CO   Littleton (Cornerstone) Skatepark, CO   Westminster (Kings Mill Park) Skatepark, CO  
Durango Skatepark, CO   Longmont (Blue Skies Park) Skatepark, CO   Wheat Ridge Skatepark, CO  
Edwards Skatepark, CO   Longmont (Quail Community Park) Skatepark, CO   Woodland Park Skatepark, CO  
Englewood Skatepark, CO   Longmont (Rough & Ready Park) Skatepark, CO   Windsor Skatepark, CO  
Winter Park Skatepark, CO  

Atlantic Beach Skatepark, Florida    Merrit Island (Paradise Island/Funplex) Skatepark, Florida   Oviedo Skatepark, Florida  
Cocoa Beach Skatepark, Florida   Naples Skatepark, Florida Port Orange Skatepark, Florida
Daytona Beach (Bethune Point) Skatepark, Florida   New Smyrna Beach Skatepark, Florida Sarasota Skatepark, Florida
Daytona Beach (Stone Edge) Skatepark, Florida   North Port Skatepark, Florida St. Augustine (Hamilton Upchurch Park) Skatepark, Florida
Dunedin Skatepark, Florida   Orlando (Barnett) Skatepark, Florida St. Augustine (Treaty Park) Skatepark, Florida
Jacksonville (Ed Austin Park) Skatepark, Florida   Orlando (Festival) Skatepark, Florida Tampa (Bro Bowl) Skatepark, Florida [RIP]  
Jacksonville (Kona!) Skatepark, Florida   Orlando (Metro Skateboard Academy) Skatepark, Florida Tampa (Tampa Community Park) Skatepark, Florida
Lake Mary Skatepark, Florida   Ormond Beach Skatepark, Florida

Athens Skatepark, Georgia   Kennesaw Skatepark, Georgia   Loganville (Bay Creek) Skatepark, Georgia  
Atlanta (4th Ward) Skatepark, Georgia   LaGrange Skatepark, Georgia   Stone Mountain Skatepark, Georgia  
Columbus Skatepark, Georgia   Lawrenceville Skatepark, Georgia   Suwanee (Settles Bridge) Skatepark, Georgia  
Dacula (Duncan Creek) Skatepark, Georgia   Lilburn Skatepark, Georgia  

Haleiwa (Banzai) Skatepark, Oahu, Hawaii   Honolulu (Makiki) Skatepark, Oahu, Hawaii   Kapaau Skatepark, Hawaii  
Honolulu (Aala) Skatepark, Oahu, Hawaii   Kailua (Keolu) Skatepark, Oahu, Hawaii   Kapolei Skatepark, Oahu, Hawaii  
Honolulu (Kamiloiki) Skatepark, Oahu, Hawaii   Kaneohe Skatepark, Oahu, Hawaii   Mililani Skatepark, Oahu, Hawaii   
Pearl City (Manana) Skatepark, Oahu, Hawaii   

American Falls Skatepark, Idaho   Hailey Skatepark, Idaho   McCall Skatepark, Idaho  
Buhl Skatepark, Idaho   Idaho City Skatepark, Idaho   Middleton Skatepark, Idaho  
Boise (Fort Boise Park) Skatepark, Idaho   Idaho Falls Skatepark, Idaho   Mountain Home Skatepark, Idaho  
Boise (Rhodes Park) Skatepark, Idaho   Jerome Skatepark, Idaho   Post Falls Skatepark, Idaho   
Caldwell Skatepark, Idaho    Kellogg Skatepark, Idaho   Sandpoint Skatepark, Idaho   
Coeur d'Alene Skatepark, Idaho   Ketchum (Sun Valley) Skatepark, Idaho   Star Skatepark, Idaho   
Driggs Skatepark, Idaho    Kuna Skatepark, Idaho   Twin Falls Skatepark, Idaho   
Glenns Ferry Skatepark, Idaho    Lewiston Skatepark, Idaho   Wallace Skatepark, Idaho   
Gooding Skatepark, Idaho    Meridain Skatepark, Idaho  

Belleville Skatepark, Illinois   Deerfield Skatepark, Illinois   Schaumburg Skatepark, Illinois  
Champaign Skatepark, Illinois   Northbrook Skatepark, Illinois   Schiller Park Skatepark, Illinois  
Chicago (Wilson) Skatepark, Illinois   O'Fallon Skatepark, Illinois   Vernon Hills Skatepark, Illinois  
Villa Park Skatepark, Illinois  

Bloomington Skatepark, Indiana   Indianapolis Skatepark, Indiana   Richmond Skatepark, Indiana  
Carmel Skatepark, Indiana   Kokomo Skatepark, Indiana   Terre Haute Skatepark, Indiana  
Greencastle Skatepark, Indiana   Lawrenceburg Skatepark, Indiana   Zionsville Skatepark, Indiana   

Altoona Skatepark, Iowa   Dubuque Skatepark, Iowa    Le Mars (Pool Park) Skatepark, Iowa   
Ames Skatepark, Iowa   Fairfield Skatepark, Iowa    Oskaloosa Skatepark, Iowa   
Ankeny Skatepark, Iowa   Grinnell Skatepark, Iowa    Sioux City Skatepark, Iowa   
Cherokee Skatepark, Iowa    Harlan Skatepark, Iowa    Spencer Skatepark, Iowa   
Councill Bluffs Skatepark, Iowa    Indianola Skatepark, Iowa    Urbandale Skatepark, Iowa   
Davenport Skatepark, Iowa    Iowa City Skatepark, Iowa    Waterloo Skatepark, Iowa   
Des Moines (Four Mile) Skatepark, Iowa    Knoxville Skatepark, Iowa    West Des Moines Skatepark, Iowa   
Des Moines (Lauridsen) Skatepark, Iowa    Le Mars (O'Toole) Skatepark, Iowa    Winterset Skatepark, Iowa   

Derby Skatepark, Kansas   Olathe Skatepark, Kansas   Topeka (Oakland) Skatepark, Kansas  
Fort Scott Skatepark, Kansas   Prairie Villiage Skatepark, Kansas   Topeka (Shunga) Skatepark, Kansas  
Lenexa Skatepark, Kansas   Roeland Park Skatepark, Kansas   Wichita Skatepark, Kansas  
Oberlin Skatepark, Kansas   Shawnee Skatepark, Kansas  

Bowling Green Skatepark, Kentucky   Lexington Skatepark, Kentucky   Owensboro Skatepark, Kentucky  
Florence Skatepark, Kentucky   Louisville Skatepark, Kentucky   Paducah Skatepark, Kentucky  

Bowie, Maryland Skatepark  Greenbelt, Maryland Skatepark   Ocean City, Maryland Skatepark  
Frederick, Maryland Skatepark   Lansdowne, Maryland Skatepark   Olney, Maryland Skatepark  

Ann Arbor Skatepark, Michigan   Farmington Hills (Riley) Skatepark, Michigan    Mason Skatepark, Michigan  
Charlotte Skatepark, Michigan   Lansing (Ranney) Skatepark, Michigan   Westland Skatepark, Michigan  

Albert Lea Skatepark, Minnesota   Edina Skatepark, Minnesota   Northfield Skatepark, Minnesota  
Bemidji Skatepark, Minnesota   Golden Valley (3rd Lair) Skatepark, Minnesota   Plymouth Skatepark, Minnesota  
Blaine Skatepark, Minnesota   Hopkins (Overpass) Skatepark, Minnesota   Richfield Skatepark, Minnesota  
Burnsville Skatepark, Minnesota   Hutchinson Skatepark, Minnesota   Rochester Skatepark, Minnesota  
Cloquet Skatepark, Minnesota   MapleGrove Skatepark, Minnesota   Rosemount Skatepark, Minnesota  
Duluth (Keene Creek) Skatepark, Minnesota   Minneapolis (2nd Street Park) Skatepark, Minnesota   St. Cloud Skatepark, Minnesota  
Duluth (Midtown Park) Skatepark, Minnesota   Minneapolis (Elliot Park) Skatepark, Minnesota   Saint Paul (Front Park) Skatepark, Minnesota  
Duluth (Wheeler Park) Skatepark, Minnesota   Minneapolis (JXT Plaza) Skatepark, Minnesota   St. Paul (Gateway Park) Skatepark, Minnesota  
Eagan Skatepark, Minnesota   Mound Skatepark, Minnesota   Two Harbors Skatepark, Minnesota  
Eden Prairie Skatepark, Minnesota   New Ulm Skatepark, Minnesota   Worthington Skatepark, Minnesota  

Belton Skatepark, Missouri   Kansas City (Penn Valley) Skatepark, Missouri   Springfield Skatepark, Missouri  
Branson Skatepark, Missouri   Kansas City (Pleasant Valley) Skatepark, Missouri   St. Charles Skatepark, Missouri  
Independence Skatepark, Missouri   Lee's Summit Skatepark, Missouri   St. Louis (Morganford) Skatepark, Missouri  
Joplin Skatepark, Missouri   O'Fallon Skatepark, Missouri  

Hernando Skatepark, Mississippi   Oxford Skatepark, Mississippi   West Point Skatepark, Mississippi  

Alberton Skatepark, Montana   Darby Skatepark, Montana   Livingston Skatepark, Montana  
Anaconda Skatepark, Montana   Dillon Skatepark, Montana   Malta Skatepark, Montana  
Belgrade Skatepark, Montana   Glendive Skatepark, Montana   Missoula Skatepark, Montana  
Big Sandy Skatepark, Montana   Great Falls Skatepark, Montana   Polson Skatepark, Montana  
Big Sky Skatepark, Montana   Hamilton Skatepark, Montana   Red Lodge Skatepark, Montana  
Billings Skatepark, Montana   Havre Skatepark, Montana   Shelby Skatepark, Montana   
Boulder Skatepark, Montana   Hays Skatepark, Montana   Stevensville Skatepark, Montana   
Box Elder Skatepark, Montana   Helena Skatepark, Montana   St Ignatius Skatepark, Montana   
Bozeman Skatepark, Montana   Kalispell Skatepark, Montana   Whitefish Skatepark, Montana  
Browning Skatepark, Montana   Lewistown Skatepark, Montana   Whitehall Skatepark, Montana  
Butte Skatepark, Montana   Lincoln Skatepark, Montana   Wolf Point Skatepark, Montana  

Central City Skatepark, Nebraska   Lincoln (Peter Pan Park) Skatepark, Nebraska   Ogallala Skatepark, Nebraska  
Grand Island Skatepark, Nebraska   Lincoln (Tierra Briarhurst Park) Skatepark, Nebraska   Omaha (Seymour Smith) Skatepark, Nebraska  
Hickman Skatepark, Nebraska   McCook Skatepark, Nebraska   Omaha (Roberts) Skatepark, Nebraska  
Kearney (Apollo), Skatepark Nebraska   Norfolk Skatepark, Nebraska   York Skatepark, Nebraska  

Nevada:     Las Vegas Area Skatepark map

Blue Diamond Skatepark, Nevada    Las Vegas (Buffalo/Doc Romeo Park) Skatepark, Nevada   Las Vegas (Mt. Ridge) Skatepark, Nevada  
Boulder City Skatepark, Nevada   Las Vegas (Cambridge) Skatepark, Nevada
Boulder City (River Mountain Trail/Ditch), Nevada   Las Vegas (Desert Breeze) Skatepark, Nevada Las Vegas (Silverado Ranch) Skatepark, Nevada
Elko Skatepark, Nevada   Las Vegas (Duck Creek) Skatepark, Nevada Las Vegas (Sunny Springs) Skatepark, Nevada
Gardnerville Skatepark, Nevada   Las Vegas (Durango) Skatepark, Nevada Las Vegas (Wayne Bunker) Skatepark, Nevada
Henderson (Anthem Hills) Skatepark, Nevada   Las Vegas (Freedom) Skatepark, Nevada Las Vegas (West Flamingo) Skatepark, Nevada  
Henderson (Cactus Wren) Skatepark, Nevada    Las Vegas (Garehime Heights) Skatepark, Nevada Las Vegas (Winchester) Skatepark, Nevada
Henderson (Hayley Hendricks) Skatepark, Nevada   Las Vegas (Hollywood Park) Skatepark, Nevada Lovelock Skatepark, Nevada
Henderson (Hidden Falls) Skatepark, Nevada   Las Vegas (James Gay) Skatepark, Nevada North Las Vegas (Craig Ranch) Skatepark, Nevada
Henderson (Morrell) Skatepark, Nevada    Las Vegas (Metro Park) Skatepark, Nevada Reno (Idlewild) Skatepark, Nevada
Henderson (Tuscany) Skatepark, Nevada   Las Vegas (MLK) Skatepark, Nevada Reno (Rattlesnake Mt.) Skatepark, Nevada
Las Vegas (Area 702) Skatepark, Nevada (CLOSED)   Sparks Skatepark, Nevada

New Mexico:
Albuquerque (Alamosa) Skatepark, New Mexico   Albuquerque (Los Altos), New Mexico    Las Vegas Skatepark, New Mexico  
Albuquerque (Calvary) Skatepark, New Mexico   Albuquerque (Rio Bravo) Skatepark, New Mexico   Rio Rancho Skatepark, New Mexico  
Albuquerque (North Domingo) Skatepark, New Mexico   Aztec Skatepark, New Mexico   Santa Fe (DeVargas) Skatepark, New Mexico  
Albuquerque (Northwest) Skatepark, New Mexico   Corrales Skatepark, New Mexico   Santa Fe (Genoveva) Skatepark, New Mexico  
Albuquerque (Drainage ditches) Skatepark, New Mexico   Farmington Skatepark, New Mexico   Santa Fe (Ramirez) Skatepark, New Mexico  

North Carolina:
Asheville Skatepark, North Carolina   Cherokee Skatepark, North Carolina   Hendersonville Skatepark, North Carolina  

North Dakota:
Bismarck Skatepark, North Dakota   Fargo Skatepark, North Dakota   Mandan Skatepark, North Dakota  
Fargo (YMCA) Skatepark, North Dakota (RIP)   Grand Forks Skatepark, North Dakota   Williston Skatepark, North Dakota  

Athens Skatepark, Ohio   Grove City Skatepark, Ohio  

Bartlesville Skatepark, Oklahoma   Glenpool Skatepark, Oklahoma   Okmulgee Skatepark, Oklahoma   
Edmond Skatepark, Oklahoma   Oklahoma City (Matt Hoffman) Skatepark, Oklahoma   Poteau Skatepark, Oklahoma   
El Reno Skatepark, Oklahoma   Oklahoma City (South Lakes) Skatepark, Oklahoma   Tulsa Skatepark, Oklahoma   

Adams Skatepark, OR   Harrisburg Skatepark, OR   Portland (Holly Farm) Skatepark, OR  
Albany Skatepark, OR   Hermiston Skatepark, OR   Portland (Glenhaven) Skatepark, OR   
Ashland Skatepark, OR   Hines (Juniper) Skatepark, OR   Port Orford Skatepark, OR
Astoria Skatepark, OR   Hood River Skatepark, OR   Prineville Skatepark, OR
Athena Skatepark, OR   Irrigon Skatepark, OR   Redmond Skatepark, OR  
Aumsville Skatepark, OR   Jacksonville Skatepark, OR   Redmond (Homestead) Pump Track, OR  
Baker City Skatepark, OR   Keizer Skatepark, OR    Reedsport Skatepark, OR  
Bay City Skatepark, OR   Klamath Falls Skatepark, OR   Roseburg Skatepark, OR  
Beaverton (Shiffler) Skatepark, OR   La Grande Skatepark, OR   St. Helens Skatepark, OR  
Beaverton (Tualtatin Hills) Skatepark, OR   Lebanon Skatepark, OR   Salem Skatepark, OR  
Bend (Ponderosa) Skatepark, OR   Lincoln City Skatepark, OR   Scappoose Skatepark, OR  
Bend (Old Ponderosa) Skatepark, OR   Madras Skatepark, OR   Seaside Skatepark, OR   
Bend (Rockridge) Skatepark, OR    McMinnville Skatepark, OR   Sheridan Skatepark, OR   
Brookings Skatepark, OR   Medford Skatepark, OR   Siletz Skatepark, OR  
Corvallis Skatepark, OR   Milton-Freewater Skatepark, OR   Silverton Skatepark, OR  
Dee Compound, OR (RIP)   Myrtle Creek Skatepark, OR   Sisters Skatepark, OR   
Donald Skatepark, OR   Nehalem Skatepark, OR   Springfield (Williamalane) Skatepark, OR  
Echo Skatepark, OR   Newberg Skatepark, OR   Talent Skatepark, OR  
Estacada Skatepark, OR   Newport Skatepark, OR   The Dalles Skatepark, OR  
Eugene (Amazon) Skatepark, OR   Ontario Skatepark, OR   Tigard Skatepark, OR  
Eugene (Bethel) Skatepark, OR   Oregon City Skatepark, OR   Toledo Skatepark, OR  
Eugene (Cal Young) Skatepark, OR   Pendleton Skatepark, OR   Tualatin Skatepark, OR  
Eugene (Churchill) Skatepark, OR   Pendleton (May Park) Skatepark, OR   Veneta Skatepark, OR  
Eugene (Emerald) Skatepark, OR   Philomath Skatepark, OR   Waldport Skatepark, OR  
Eugene (W.J.) Skatepark, OR   Portland (Burnside) Skatepark, OR   West Linn (Tanner Creek) Skatepark, OR  
Florence Skatepark, OR   Portland (Department of Skateboarding), OR (RIP)   West Linn (Robinwood) Skatepark, OR  
Grants Pass Skatepark, OR   Portland (Gabriel Park), OR   Weston Skatepark, OR  
Gresham Skatepark, OR   Portland (Pier Park, St Johns) Skatepark, OR   Wilsonville Skatepark, OR  
Woodburn Skatepark, OR  

Philadelphia (FDR), Pennsylvania Skatepark   Lancaster, Pennsylvania Skatepark   York, Pennsylvania Skatepark  

South Carolina:
Spartanburg Skatepark, South Carolina  

South Dakota:
Fort Thompson Skatepark, South Dakota   Sioux Falls (Drake Springs) Skatepark, South Dakota   Watertown Skatepark, South Dakota  
Pine Ridge Skatepark, South Dakota   Sioux Falls (Kuehn Park) Skatepark, South Dakota   Yankton Skatepark, South Dakota  
Rapid City Skatepark, South Dakota   Sisseton Skatepark, South Dakota  

Clarksville Skatepark, Tennessee   Kingsport Skatepark, Tennessee   Knoxville (Tyson) Skatepark, Tennessee  
Cookeville Skatepark, Tennessee   Knoxville (Baker Creek) Pump Track, Tennessee   Memphis Skatepark, Tennessee  
Franklin Skatepark, Tennessee   Knoxville (Fountain City) Skatepark, Tennessee   Nashville Skatepark, Tennessee  
Greeneville Skatepark, Tennessee  

Allen Skatepark, Texas   Frisco Skatepark, Texas   Pflugerville Skatepark, Texas  
Amarillo (John Stiff) Skatepark, Texas   Galveston Skatepark, Texas   Plano Skatepark, Texas  
Amarillo (Martin) Skatepark, Texas   Granbury Skatepark, Texas   Roanoke Skatepark, Texas  
Arlington (Cody Rocamontes) Skatepark, Texas   Houston (Lee and Joe Jamail) Skatepark, Texas   Round Rock Skatepark, Texas  
Arlington (Vandergriff) Skatepark, Texas   Houston (EZ-7) Ditch, Texas   Taylor Skatepark, Texas  
Austin (House) Skatepark, Texas   Houston (Spring) Skatepark, Texas   The Colony Skatepark, Texas  
Austin (Mabel Davis) Skatepark, Texas   Irving Skatepark, Texas   The Woodlands (Bear Branch) Skatepark, Texas  
Canadian Skatepark, Texas   Lakeway Skatepark, Texas   The Woodlands (Harper's Landing) Skatepark, Texas  
Cedar Park Skatepark, Texas   Leander Skatepark, Texas   The Woodlands (Lakeside) Skatepark, Texas  
College Station Skatepark, Texas   Lewisville Skatepark, Texas   Waco Skatepark, Texas  
Farmers Branch Skatepark, Texas   Marble Falls Skatepark, Texas   Watauga Skatepark, Texas  
Fort Worth Skatepark, Texas   McKinney Skatepark, Texas  

Utah:     Salt Lake Valley Skatepark map       North Salt Lake Valley Skatepark map        Park City Area Skatepark map  
American Fork Skatepark, Utah    Kearns Skatepark, Utah   Roy City Skatepark, Utah  
Blanding Skatepark, Utah    Layton Skatepark, Utah   St. George Skatepark, Utah  
Brigham City Skatepark, Utah   Lehi Skatepark, Utah   St. George (Airport Ditch) Skatepark, Utah  
Castle Dale Skatepark, Utah   Lindon (Banzai) Skatepark, Utah (RIP)   Salt Lake City (Fairmont), Utah  
Cedar City Skatepark, Utah   Logan Skatepark, Utah   Salt Lake City (Jordan) Skatepark, Utah  
Clearfield Skatepark, Utah   Midvale Skatepark, Utah   Salt Lake City (Vans, Fairpark) Skatepark, Utah  
Clinton Skatepark, Utah   Midvale (We Are One) Skatepark, Utah (RIP)   Sandy Skatepark, Utah  
Cottonwood Skatepark, Utah   Moab Skatepark, Utah   Santa Clara Skatepark, Utah  
Daybreak (The Spoke), Pump Track    Monticello Skatepark, Utah   Saratoga Springs (Legacy Farms) Skatepark, Utah  
Daybreak Skatepark, Utah   Mt. Pleasant (Wasatch Academy) Skatepark, Utah   Smithfield Skatepark, Utah   
Delta Skatepark, Utah   North Ogden Skatepark, Utah   South Jordan Skatepark, Utah  
Draper City Skatepark, Utah   North Salt Lake Skatepark, Utah (RIP)   Spanish Fork Skatepark, Utah  
Eagle Mountain Skatepark, Utah   Oakley Skatepark, Utah   Springville Skatepark, Utah  
Farmington Skatepark, Utah   Ogden Skatepark, Utah   Stansbury Skatepark, Utah  
Fillmore Skatepark, Utah   Orem Skatepark, Utah   Sunset Skatepark, Utah   
Fort Duchesne Skatepark, Utah   Park City Skatepark, Utah   Syracuse Skatepark, Utah   
Grantsville Skatepark, Utah   Park City (Trailside) Skatepark, Utah   Taylorsville Skatepark, Utah  
Gunnison Skatepark, Utah   Park City (Woodward) Skatepark, Utah   Tooele City (Dow James Memorial) Skatepark, Utah  
Heber City Skatepark, Utah   Payson Skatepark, Utah   Tooele City (Spencer's Field) Skatepark, Utah  
Herriman Skatepark, Utah   Price Skatepark, Utah   Tremonton Skatepark, Utah  
Holladay Skatepark, Utah   Provo (Fort Utah) Skatepark, Utah   Vernal Skatepark, Utah  
Hurricane Skatepark, Utah   Provo (Recreation Center) Skatepark, Utah   West Jordan (Maple Hills) Skatepark, Utah  
Hyrum Skatepark, Utah   Richfield Skatepark, Utah   West Jordan (Mt. View Ditch), Utah  
Ivins Skatepark, Utah   Riverton Skatepark, Utah   West Jordan (Old Bingham Hwy Ditch) Skatepark, Utah  
Kanab Skatepark, Utah   Rose Park Skatepark, Utah   West Valley City Skatepark, Utah  

Arlington, Virginia Skatepark   Woodbridge, Virginia Skatepark  

Washington:      Seattle Area Skatepark map      All Washington Skatepark map
Aberdeen Skatepark, WA   Kelso Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Beacon Hill/Jefferson Park) Skatepark, WA  
Anacortes Skatepark, WA   Kenmore Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Benefit Park) Skatepark, WA  
Arlington Skatepark, WA   Kennewick Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Crown Hill/Ballard) Skatepark, WA  
Auburn Skatepark, WA   Kent Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Dahl Field) Skatepark, WA  
Bainbridge Skatepark, WA   Kent (East) Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Delridge) Skatepark, WA  
Bothell Skatepark, WA (RIP)   Kent (West) Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Judkins) Skatepark, WA  
Battle Ground Skatepark, WA   Kettle Falls Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Lower Woodland) Skatepark, WA  
Bellevue (Crossroads) Skatepark, WA    Kirkland Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Marginal Way) Skatepark, WA  
Bellevue (Highland) Skatepark, WA   La Center Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Northgate) Skatepark, WA  
Bellevue (Indoor) Skatepark, WA   La Conner Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Raincity) Skatepark, WA (RIP)  
Bellevue (Lakemont) Skatepark, WA    Lake City Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Roxhill Park) Skatepark, WA  
Bellingham Skatepark, WA   Lake Stevens Skatepark, WA    Seattle Center (Seaskate) Skatepark, WA (RIP)  
Bellingham (Cordata Park) Pump Track, WA   Leavenworth Skatepark, WA    Seattle Center Skatepark (Replacement), WA (RIP)  
Bingen Skatepark, WA   Leavenworth Pump Track, WA   Sedro-Woolley Skatepark, WA  
Black Diamond Skatepark, WA   Longview Skatepark, WA    Shoreline Skatepark, WA  
Bonney Lake (Allan Yorke Park) Skatepark, WA    Lyle Skatepark, WA    Snohomish Skatepark, WA  
Bonney Lake (The Edge) Skatepark, WA   Lynnwood Skatepark, WA   Snoqualmie Skatepark, WA  
Bremerton Skatpark, WA   Lynnwood (Martha Lake) Skatepark, WA   Soap Lake Skatepark, WA  
Brier Skatpark, WA   Maple Valley Skatepark, WA   Spanaway (Sprinker) Skatepark, WA  
Buckley Skatepark, WA   Maple Valley (Summit Park) Skatepark, WA   Spokane (Hillyard) Skatepark, WA  
Burien skatepark, WA   Marysville Skatepark, WA   Spokane (UTF) Skatepark, WA (RIP)  
Burlington Skatepark, WA   Mercer Island Skatepark, WA   Squim Skatepark, WA   
Carnation Skatepark, WA   Mill Creek Skatepark, WA   Sultan Skatepark, WA   
Cashmere Skatepark, WA    Milton Skatepark, WA   Sumner Skatepark, WA  
Castle Rock Skatepark, WA   Monroe Skatepark, WA    Tacoma (11th Street DIY) Skatepark, WA  
Centralia Skatepark, WA   Moses Lake Skatepark, WA    Tacoma (Kandle Park) Skatepark, WA  
Chelan Skatepark, WA   Muckleshoot Skatepark, WA    Tacoma (Norpoint) Skatepark, WA  
Clarkston Skatepark, WA   Mukilteo Reservation Skatepark, WA    Tacoma (Stewart Park) Skatepark, WA  
Cle Elum Skatepark, WA   Napavine Skatepark, WA    Tacoma (Thea's Park) Skatespot, WA  
Covington Skatepark, WA   Northbend Skatepark, WA    Tacoma (Thrill-Zone) Skatepark, WA (RIP)   
Cusick Skatepark, WA   Oak Harbor Skatepark, WA    Tonasket Skatepark, WA  
Darrington Skatepark, WA   Olympia Skatepark, WA    Tukwila Skatepark, WA  
Deming (Coalpad DIY) Skatepark, WA   Orcas Skatepark, WA    Tulalip Skatepark, WA  
Des Moines Skatepark, WA   Othello Skatepark, WA    Union Gap Skatepark, WA  
Duvall Skatepark, WA   Port Angeles Skatepark, WA   University Place Skatepark, WA  
East Wenatchee (Eastmont Park) Pump Track, WA   Port Orchard Skatepark, WA   Vancouver (Downtown) Skatepark, WA  
East Wenatchee (Kenroy Park) Skatepark, WA   Port Townsend Skatepark, WA   Vancouver (East) Skatepark, WA  
Eatonville Skatepark, WA   Prosser Skatepark, WA   Vashon Island Skatepark, WA  
Edmonds Skatepark, WA   Puyallup Skatepark, WA   Walla Walla (Fort Walla Walla) Skatepark, WA   
Ellensburg Skatepark, WA   Redmond Skatepark, WA    Walla Walla (Mill Creek) Skatepark, WA   
Enumclaw Skatepark, WA    Renton Skatepark, WA    Wenatchee (Hale Park) Skatepark, WA   
Ephrata Skatepark, WA    Renton (Longacres DIY) Skatepark, WA    Wenatchee (Pioneer Park) Skatepark, WA   
Everett Skatepark, WA    Renton (Skate Barn) Skatepark, WA (RIP)    Wilkeson Skatepark, WA   
Everett #2 Skatepark, WA    Richland Skatepark, WA   Wilson Creek Skatepark, WA   
Federal Way Skatepark, WA   River City (South Park, Seattle) Skatepark, WA    Winlock Skatepark, WA   
Forks Skatepark, WA   Sammamish Skatepark, WA    Woodinville Skatepark, WA   
Gig Harbor Skatepark, WA   Seatac (Valley Ridge Park) Skatepark, WA    Woodland Skatepark, WA   
Granite Falls Skatepark, WA   Seatac (North Seatac Park) Skatepark, WA    Yakima (Chesterley) Skatepark, WA   
Hoquiam Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Ballard) Skatepark, WA (RIP)   Yakima (Kiwanis) Skatepark, WA   
Issaquah Skatepark, WA   Seattle (Ballard - Replacement) Skatepark, WA    Yelm Skatepark, WA   

Washington DC:
Green Skate Lab, Washington DC Skatepark  

West Virginia:
Wheeling, West Virginia Skatepark  

Eau Claire Skatepark, Wisconsin   Madison Skatepark, Wisconsin    New Richmond Skatepark, Wisconsin   
Janesville Skatepark, Wisconsin   Middleton Skatepark, Wisconsin    Stoughton Skatepark, Wisconsin   
Lake Delton Skatepark, Wisconsin   Mt. Horeb Skatepark, Wisconsin    Superior Skatepark, Wisconsin   

Buffalo Skatepark, Wyoming    Evanston Skatepark, Wyoming    Lusk Skatepark Skatepark, Wyoming
Casper (Boys & Girls Club) Skatepark, Wyoming Green River Skatepark, Wyoming Pinedale Skatepark, Wyoming
Casper (YMCA) Skatepark, Wyoming Jackson Hole Skatepark, Wyoming Riverton Skatepark, Wyoming
Cheyenne Skatepark, Wyoming Laramie Skatepark, Wyoming   Rock Springs Skatepark, Wyoming
Cody Skatepark, Wyoming Lander Skatepark, Wyoming   Sheridan Skatepark, Wyoming
Douglas Skatepark, Wyoming


Airdrie Skatepark, AB, Canada   Calgary (Southwood) Skatepark, AB, Canada   Lethbridge (SLP) Skatepark, AB, Canada  
Brooks Skatepark, AB, Canada   Chestermere Skatepark, AB, Canada   Medicine Hat Skatepark, AB, Canada   
Calgary (Deer Run) Skatepark, AB, Canada   Coaldale Skatepark, AB, Canada   Nanton Skatepark, AB, Canada  
Calgary (Huntington Hills) Skatepark, AB, Canada   Drumheller Skatepark, AB, Canada   Okotoks Skatepark, AB, Canada   
Calgary (Midnapore) Skatepark, AB, Canada   High River Skatepark, AB, Canada   Strathmore Skatepark, AB, Canada  
Calgary (Millenium Park) Skatepark, AB, Canada   Langdon Skatepark, AB, Canada   Taber Skatepark, AB, Canada   
Calgary (New Brighton) Skatepark, AB, Canada   Lethbridge Skatepark, AB, Canada   Vulcan Skatepark, AB, Canada  

British Columbia:
Burnaby (Bonsor), BC, Canada   RDS Skatepark, Richmond, BC (RIP)   
Hastings, BC, Canada   Seylynn (North Vancouver), BC, Canada  

Estevan Skatepark, SK, Canada   Regina Skatepark, SK, Canada   Swift Current Skatepark, SK, Canada   

Cayman Islands:
The Black Pearl, Grand Cayman   

Ensenada (Playa Hermosa) Mexico  

Skateparks I need to go to Pescadero Skatepark, Mexico    Cradle Skatepark - Brixlegg, Austria    Bologna, Italy Skatepark    Shanghai, China - Skatepark   

Skate Trip Photos/Stories
Hailey trip with Todd (April '03)    Quick trip to California June 2006    Canadians Tour the Northwest July'07  
Hailey trip with Steve (July '03)    Carter's Trip to the Great Northwest August 2006    Trip to Montana, Memorial Day Weekend 2007  
California trip with Steve (August '03)    Trip to Orcas, Island - August 2006    Skatepark Winter Tour 2007  
Day Trip with Wally and Curt Kimbel (July '05)    Whirlwind tour of Montana - September 2006   David Skidmore's Trip to the Northwest 2008   
Tom and Chad's Excellent Adventure! (July '05)    Trip to Pier Park Skatepark - October 2006   Bob's Trip to Seattle area parks 2008   
Mark, Roger and Scott's trip to Washington (Aug. '05)    John's Mini Skatepark tour March 2007   The GNAR Skatepark Tour 2008!  
Do you know the way to San Jose? (Visiting Jeremy in San Jo.)(Sept. '05)    Oregon tours Washington June 2007   Scott's Visit to Washington '09  
Kerry from Alabama visits Washington(Oct.'05)    Day trip with the Tri-cities crew June 2007   Tour of some Evergreen Skateparks (Video)  
Memorial Day Weekend Trip to Hailey 2006!    Todd skates in Seattle 2007  

DIY Ramps
Barb's Backyard Ramp (RIP)   Jim's Shed Ramp   Paul Schmitt's Backyard  
Carmen and Thomas' Ramp   John's backyard ramp (RIP)    Tom's Vert Ramp (2007)(RIP)  
Chris' Backyard Ramp   Jonah's backyard ramp    Tom's backyard ramp   
Dan's ramp [rip]  June's Ramp   Miles' backyard ramp   
Doug's Vert Ramp   Kevin's Garage   Private indoor Vertramp   
Drew's Garage Ramp   Mike's backyard ramp   Kvon's Backyard Ramp
Tony Hawk's Backyard   Nick's backyard ramp   Fairplay, Colorado Warehouse Ramp
Jeff's backyard ramp    Patti's Basement Ramp   Trent's Ramp
Hawk's indoor Vert Ramp Riverton Ramp Skatelodge Ramp
SVR (Seattle Vert Ramp) Jason's Vert Ramp

Misc Stuff:
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LG Action Sports World Championship Photos 2008   Dan's Back Surgery 2005   John Dils, memorial page  
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SPS in Thrasher!   Quoted in Lynchburg, Virginia   Dan's video page  
Mark Sellman's Skate Art   Little kids that Rip!    Family skate day   
Back yard Pools   Moses Lake Full Pipes, WA   What's the Tranny?  
The Ballard Bowl (Version 2) Under construction   Proposed Buckley Skatepark, WA   Sand Boarding!   
Save the Ballard bowl, in the news.   Proposed Kent Skatepark, WA   Dew Tour Championship (vert) in Las Vegas 2010  
The Fakies page    Proposed Martha Lake Skatepark, WA   Dew Tour (Salt Lake) Photos 2010
Compelling photos, shows the value of a bowl in your neighborhood.   Lowerwoodland Skatepark design (Seattle), WA   Dan interviewed on sk8boarding4life blog   
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Bike and Skatepark issues   Overview of Decks I've cut or pressed over the years   Skateboarding Instructional Tip Page  
Dan Hughes interviewed on the Tony Hawk Foundation Podcast    LA Times article about older skaters   Dan's old bike page  
Dan is interviewed in Challenger BMX mag    Harness over the mini ramp    Quad Tandem build   

Slalom Photos:
Really old Slalom Photos  Photos from Morro Bay October 2002  Photos from Salem Or. April 4, 2004  
Photos from Breckenridge June 2002  Slalom in July '02 at North Seattle community College   Photos from the 100 Cone Challenge, Salem Or. June 20, 2004  
Photos from Hood River FCR Race 2002   Photos from Our NW Slalom gathering in Jan. 03   Coverage of the Park Slalom Race in Aumsville '07  

Really Old Skate Photos:
Dan's first skate photos 1975-77    Old Alameda Skatepark, California   Andy Caro's old skate photos   
Rose Hill Jr. High Skate Club 1978    Old Bellingham Skatepark, Washington   Brian Blum's old skate photos (From Spokane)   
Paul Honeywell's old Ramp (1977)   Old Burnaby Skatepark, BC Canada   Gareth at the Oasis Skatepark '80   
Sequential half-pipe construction.   Old Concrete Wave Skatepark, California    Glen's Old Skate Photos   
Old Ramps I built and/or rode    Old Everett Skatepark, Washington    Harvey's Old Ramp Photos 1978   
Last ride for 14 years in '87   Old Kennewick Skatepark, Washington   John's Old Skate Photos   
Old Lakewood Skatepark, California   Mike Spevy's old skate photos (From WSU)  
Old Marina Del Ray Skatepark, California    News clippings from Mark Ward, The Northwest Challenge 1979   
Old Lacy (Olympic) Skatepark, Washington    Patrick's Old Skate Photos   
Old Reseda Skatepark, California    Rob Skala's Old Skate Photos   

Skateboard Northwest: Skateboard Northwest, December, 1978 (Volume 1 #1)    Skateboard Northwest, January, 1979 (Volume 1 #2)    Skateboard Northwest, February, 1979 (Volume 1 #3)   

Mark Holt's Old Skate Photos: Mark's Old Olympic Skatepark Photos    Mark's Old Ramp Photos    Mark's Old Miscellaneous Photos   

Micro's Old Skate Photos:
Micro's photos from 1973-1975   Micro's photos from 1979   Micro's photos from 1982  
Micro's photos from 1977   Micro's photos from 1980 (Ramps mostly)  
Micro's photos from 1978   Micro's photos from 1980 (Olympic Skatepark)  
Steve's Old Skate Photos:
From Arizona in '87   From the Golf Bowl '92   From Oregon '92  
From California    From Hawksworths Ramp '92   From Washington   
From Canada    Old Misc. shots    From Wisconsin  
Snowboard: Really Old Snowboarding Pictures   Big White, BC (Trip in '04)   

Dan's Recomendations:
Concrete Wave Magazine    Dreamland Skateparks   Pain Cheaters Knee Pads (The best I've ever used)  
Team Pain Skate Parks   Skate Paige boards    Gravity Sports (The oldest Skate/Surf shop in Washington!)  
Grindline Skateparks   East Built Blanks    Evergreen Skateparks  
Other web pages of interest
Geertsen Clothing Company   Chris Eggers Blog (Skateboarding Germany)   Desert (Ping's site)   
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Parents for Skate Parks   

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