Old Lakewood, California

I was able to visit this California skatepark in '79, after I learned to ride vert. It was the only one I was able visit on this second and last trip, after our '77 disneyland trip. Doing a frontside air in the very long half pipe. I remember seeing this park in so many pictures in Skateboarder Magazine, I just had to visit it.

Here's another frontside air, probably the highest I was ever able to fly. Sorry for the poor quality picture.

Invert in the half-pipe.

See I could do inverts.

While visiting Lakewood, this little ripper showed up and was rolling in and just plain flying out of the keyhole pool. In retrospect I believe that this was Steve Caballero.

A friend of Steve doing an invert.

Steve, Backside handplant.

This is me riding the same keyhole pool as Cab.

Below are two videos taken from my 1979 visit.