In 1977 my dad told me we were going to Disney land. Well, being 13, that wasn't my idea of fun. I told him all I wanted to do was visit the skateparks in California. So, that's what I did. The Skatepark in Alameda California was near Disney Land or somewhere near where we were staying (I honestly don't remember), so I was able to go there twice.

The design of the park was based on a combination of the ditches that kids were skating in at the time, and surfing.

The snake runs were cool, the bowls...well, they could have used some work. But, it was a beginning, eh?

My dad took this video of me and I remember failing miserably trying to ride the hard left then right turn on the beginning of the snake run. I fell numerous times. One guy told me that one has to ride that first hard left, higher than you think in order to get through it. Once I did that I went through with no problems after that.