This was the grand opening shin dig. It rained all morning. Looked like it might rain all day. Chris Devereux decided to try and land a frontside air, while it was still raining.

20 people cleaning the bowl was quite a site. They all jumped in there with towels when it stopped raining.

Mayor of Prosser (Linda Lusk) was very supportive of the park, and had many good things to say.

She even was sporting a Gravity sticker on her back!!

Despite the rain, all the kids had fun, even this girl.

Dave, was in full Rockstar mode, signing autographs.

You get the feeling that the community of Prosser is supportive of this skatepark.

Once the bowl was dry, we all charged it because we didn't know how long it would stay dry. This shot shows how big the deep bowl is. Wally with the backside carve. (Photo by Dave Addington)

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Prosser, Washington Skatepark
926 S Kinney Way
Prosser, WA 99350