Full Pipe

Here's the deal. I called Scott Stroud and he told me that he would show me where the full pipes were located. I was stoked. Scott was excited just to have someone come out and ride the pipe. He said that no one rides them anymore. I encourage you to call him if you go. The pipe I rode looked to be about 20 foot in diameter. Scott said they are ridable from December through March sometime. The pipes aren't smooth like a grindline park. Nope. They are very rough like worn concrete, with a little algae dust thrown in. So, road wheels are a must. Second thing is that they slope down, about 200 foot long. And at the bottom is water. So, if someone skates, another ought to stay near the bottom to catch a loose board. Otherwise the board is lost in the water. Oh, it echo's as one skates, and it's loud.


Follow I 90 to Moses Lake

Take the second exit.

North on the "I-90 loop"

Right turn at Wheeler Road, which becomes 3rd street.

Left turn at "N" NE

Right turn at 6th NE (becomes a Gravel Road)

Left turn before Bridge.

Follow dirt road next to canal, north until you see it stops, that's where the pipe is.

Bobcat and his friends went, here's their story.