Milton, Washington Skatepark from Northwestskater on Vimeo.

Click play or download, movie from our first runs at the work party, opening day to Benji Galloway showing up one summers day.

Download Quicktime player here if you need to.

Brian Rips! He's getting a nice grind over the door. Notice Brian is sporting the lastest in Head fashion. A helmet. They are required at Milton, just an FYI! (photo by Brock and his digital camera.)

Dillon knows the way over the door. I think this was his first grind over.

Mike found a good place to stand up and grind.

Dave getting his first grind at Milton. Many more to come, I'm sure. Check out his shop Gravity Sports in Renton.

Nice day to grind the clam shell.

Mike throwing down a frontside smith.

Brian showing how to work the hips in this place.

Dillon also jumping the hips like no problem.

I found a good spot to ride one footed.

Dillon transferring from one bowl to the next.

Rob was standing in the doorway, as Brian rode over him.

Brock was stoked to get his 50-50's going.

Some early photos of the park.  

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Milton, Washington Skatepark
903 23rd Ave,
Milton, WA 98354